Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Vendor Feature Series #8

Today we are feature an authentic local craft that portrays the beauty of the Mediterrean imagery. 'Mediterranean Ceramics' was set up in 2008 by David and Brian Grima. An exclusive sustainable business in Malta.

After the prodution of cultural ceramic home-ware, their range expanded into bespoke volcanic stone and lava products. Lava stone provides a natural savage component, while the design element on volcanic stone is incomparable. With a variety of tables, kitchen counters, shop counters, tiling, flooring, facades and barbecues, one will definitely find something unique at Mediterranean Ceramics.

The small family-run business uses stone as a natural material, that is not processed and maintain the most eco-friendly solutions for hand decorated surfaces. Their kiln runs on electricity instead of gas and they utilise a water-efficient spraying booth. They do not use any kind of single use plastic and feature recycled paper for their packaging. 

You can experience the beauty of Maltese ceramic craftsmanship and watch the artists work by visiting Mediterrean Ceramics's website or at the Ta' Qali Crafts Village. 

Sunday, 29 March 2020

Vendor Feature Series #7

Today's feature is a small local business making local teas and herbal remedies. Another responsible green business in Malta. 

At Tea Shop Malta herbs and tea leaves are carefully hand-picked from local organic fields and then transformed into the most wonderful genuine loose-leaf teas that not only have a delicious taste but are also great rememdies for the most common issues that our daily and stressful lives leave on our bodies.

Apart from loose-leaf teas, one can also find handmade teabags, herbal elixirs to mix with a cup of milk, herbal smokes for a tobacco-free smoke, herbal soaps, kombucha drinks and more. Teas are packed in tins or paper bags. Other items are stored in re-usable glass jars and bottles making this local business completely plastic-free and environmental friendly. 

Tea Shop Malta has currently made a few nice 'Comfort Packages' with reduced prices to make days at home a bit easier and keep the immune system strong and healthy! They are also currently offering contact-less deliveries with online payments all over Malta.

We are not just what we eat but also what we drink! Now is the time to take care of ourselves and boost our immune system. Tea Shop is happy to help you start your tea wellness journey! Contact them today on Facebook and on their Website

Saturday, 28 March 2020

Vendor Feature Series #6

Today we are featuring a product that may as well prove to be the most green crop, as it requires very little water compared to commercial crops. We are talking about the Cannabis plant, from which CBD oil is made. It is first extracted from the plant and then diluted with a carrier oil, such as coconut or hemp seed to create this product that is an all-natural ingredient product that is scientifically proven to help in several ailments.

CBD Leaf of Life is a green and sustainable business in Malta.

How does CBD work?
CBD interacts with our body's endocannabinoid system, a regulatory system made up of naturally occuring cannabis-like molecules. These work like neurotransmitters, shutting messages through the body to help maintain homeostasis and interact with the receptors that are present in the brain. These receptors are involved with cognition, memory, motor skills and pain. 

Some of the CBD benefits may include: 
* Pain relief
* Reduction in anxiety and depression
* Acne reduction
* Better neuroprotective properties
* Healthier heart

CBD Leaf of Life Malta offers many forms of CBD products, from oils, to tablets, gummy bears, bath bombs, mouth drops, face masks, foot cream, muscle balm, cookies, tea bags, coffee, honey, drinks, and many more. 100% legal. 

You can see their collection of products on their website and get 10% off with code CV19. Free contact-less delivery to Malta. You can also visit their Facebook Page.

Friday, 27 March 2020

Vendor Feature Series #5

Today we present another jewellery designer. An artist who creates unique and adaptable designs with one of the most sustanaible materials; wood. A great example of an Eco Friendly product by a local artist for our Eco Friendly Malta Blog!

Martina Gatt embarked on this venture of jewellery design and jewellery making and it made it possible for her to express her creativity and channel her inspiration through something that she loves doing. Through her brand 'Wood and Tassel' she transmits her positive emotions and hopes to pass on this positivity over to the people that will wear her pieces. 

As a jewellery design, she loves to experiment with colours, styles and textures. She specializes in creating feminine wearable pieces of art using colourful handmade tassels with wood accents. The majority of wood used in her pieces is locally sourced recycled wood and handcrafted by her. The idea is to use scraps of wood which are destined to go to waste, and instead she re-purposes them by creating something beautiful. 

Martina loves taking on custom-made orders and specialises in turning her client's vision into reality. She usually offers free delivery throughout Malta and Gozo, however during this time she is offering FREE postal delivery providing a contact-less service. 

You can follow Wood and Tassel on Facebook and Instagram.

Thursday, 26 March 2020

Vendor Feature Series #4

Who doesn't love gemstones!
Today we discover Libertalia, a brand by a self-learned artisan who specialises in hand-crafting beautiful pieces of wearable art for fashion and well-being. Featuing a list of stylish and colourful Eco-friendly products in Malta.

Libertalia was founded in 2018 by Captain Jeremy Grech after he developed a Crystal & Gemstone obsession. After a lot of purchases, the Captain realised that if he learns how to craft these stones into wearable jewellery, he would save a lot of money; and so it began. A few months later, he was learning a new skill and creating lovely designs. As usually happens with creatives, once they receive positive feedback about their creations they realise there is a market out there and are encouraged to start a business. The aim of this little business is to sell great quality gemstone jewellery at reasonable prices for everyone to enjoy!

The business operates a plastic-free environment with environmentally-friendly packaging. Their jewellery styles varies from boho to art deco and they also take custom orders. Clients can supply their raw stone and they can turn it into a wearable piece of art according to their taste and desire. Right now they are working on two new collections; 'The Flapper Collection', which is a fancy Art Deco inspired with a Pirate twist - and the other is 'The Pharaoh Collection' consisting of Ancient Egyptian inspired with traditional charms and symbols. 

One of the most amazing thing about gemstone jewellery is that they do not only serve for aesthetic reasons, but they also provide metaphysical properties for body, mind and soul. Libertalia can guide you through the benefits of each stone or can recommend a stone based on what your needs are. Libertalia offers free shipping all over Malta and Gozo. 

You can find Libertalia on Facebook.

Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Vendor Feature Series #3

Today we feature a registered Health Psychologist, one of the pioneering mindfulness teachers, and the first and only professionally trained Self-compassion teacher on the Maltese islands. She is a professionally trained behaviour- and emotion-regulation tutor for kids, and teaches mindfulness and meditation to children of all ages and abilities. 

Janet Falzon, founder of 'Finding Peace in Chaos', an ethical business in Malta working in the fields of stress, anxiety, panic attacks, self-worth, depression, neurodiversity, relationship issues, work-life balance, chronic pain, and neurodegenerative conditions. She offers seasonal mindfulness and compassion week retreats in Malta and Gozo; Workshops on topics related to mindfulness, self-compassion, and psychology; and Psychological interventions (for individuals and groups) – which are obviously currently on hold.

There is however a list of services currently available on Skype. These include:
* One-to-one psychology consultations with elements of Acceptance Commitment Therapy, Compassion Focused Therapy, Dialectical Behavioural Therapy, Mindfulness, Self-compassion and Motivational Interviewing
* Mindfulness and meditation for emotion- and behaviour-regulation in kids; for individuals and in groups 
* Mindfulness and Self-compassion training programmes tailored to client's needs
* Lecturing and training in various sectors including health, education, business and correctional facilities.
In view of  the COVID-19 pandemic, she is making her services available online and in extreme cases of anxiety and fear, she is offering FREE psychological support on WhatsApp 999 777 250.

Vendor Feature Series #2

Today we are happy to dedicate our feature to another sustainable artist Chantelle Butters. Another green business in Malta

Her brand Chantelle Butters creates was launched in Christmas of 2017 with a series of Christmas cards, but not just any cards. She uses recycled kraft paper for all her work and up-cycles all kinds of materials for her cards even from old cards, transforming re-using and re-purposing creatively and wisely. 

Christmas was a strategical time to launch this kind of handmade business and it paid off well, with a sudden huge following on social media and non-stop orders, turning this part-time hobby into a day-and-night job. 

Unlike traditional cards, Chantelle's cards are not wrapped in plastic. She is working towards a goal of 100% sustainability with all aspects of her business. 

She admits that the beauty of her work is the personal touch, with her favourite part being listening to client's ideas and needs, and then seeing their expression when presenting her creation. "In the end, we created this together, they shared their idea with me and I just created their vision" Chantelle says joyfully.

You can see her work on her facebook or instagram page.

Monday, 23 March 2020

Vendor Feature Series #1

Today we start a series where we feature one Eco-friendly and Sustainable business in Malta from our extensive list of vendors. 

Will start with one of the most eco-friendly products in Malta. I am certain many of you have heard of beeswax food wraps already.
Here is Frank Wrap

Frank Wrap® is the natural and reusable alternative for food storage. This Natural Food Wrap replaces the single use of plastic cling film. Made of certified cotton, beeswax, pine resin and jojoba oil – it has antibacterial qualities that help to keep your food fresh.

Durable. Washable. Reusable. Compostable. Sustainable. Reusable up to a year.

Our signature Beeswax Blend Bar is used to refresh your old Frank Wrap® or to create a new one using your own cotton fabric.

Our L├╝beck and Malena Candles are handmade using only two natural ingredients - 100% cotton wick and pure beeswax. We guarantee that each candle is completely free from metal wire wicks, soy wax, paraffin wax and artificial scent.

Frank Wrap® reduces your consumption of plastic and at the same time supports the local community. We donate to Hospice Malta through our online store.

Small steps make a huge difference. Do not be daunted by the prospect of going plastic free. Frank Wrap® creates a positive impact.

All products are handmade with love in Malta.
Don't forget that you can order your Frank Wrap from their Website and enjoy free delivery in Malta & Gozo using FREEEUROPE code at checkout.

Sunday, 22 March 2020

Killing routine not the planet

Just two weeks ago, our lives were proceeding in their own usual way. We were working, travelling, making plans, meeting friends, going shopping, hanging out at bars. Suddenly we are living a life that sounds like science-fiction, where the majority of us are isolated at home - with most of the businessess either shut down or overloaded with work.

Everything has changed!

If life was routine before Covid-19, that routine is now amplified. Not to mention boredom.
So here is a list of some actions you may want to take, that will help you feel alive, useful and help the planet as well!

Make your own body and beauty products 

Ran out of tooth-paste? No worries - you can do one yourself easily! Refrain from going out and save the money you have in these uncertain times by creating your own body and beauty products. You will also be using natural ingredients and avoid all those harmful chemicals that are in the majority of mainstream products. Face creams, foot scrub, deodrant, make up remover, shampoo and much much more. Here is a helpful link: 

Make your own sanitizer and house cleaning products

Particularly relevant during these times, disinfectants are becoming our best mates and loyal companions. Don't hassle about not finding any more hand sanitizer. You can make it yourself! Did you now that white vinegar, vodka and lemons are great for cleaning? Re-use your own spray bottles for a more sustainable way. Here are 2 links for you. 

Switch to a plant-based diet

Dairy items have a short life span anyway, they are not really useful in these times. Which brings the perfect solution to try non-dairy, plant-based alternatives. Milk and butter being the two most easy products to start with. Besides, a plant-based diet will give you more nutrition and boost your immune system, which is vital during these times. If you are concerned about your transit to plant-based lifestyle and are looking for advice you can opt for the service of a qualified nutritionist such as Stephie Henson or Roberta Farrugia. Here is a great site that will help you with the transition; 


Perfect time for spring cleaning and at the same time take stock and make new space in your house. An ordered house is an ordered life. De-cluttering is an exceptional way to relieve stress and feel good with yourself. If you are stuck and need help there are professionals who can help you over the internet, such as Feels Like Home or Zen with JuliaDon't just throw stuff in the bin, see if anything can be re-purposed or re-used and give away what you really don't need to charity shops or people in need. Meanwhile, here are two sites that will help you find some inspiration: 

Create an online course 

Are you an expert in something? Do you feel you have some kind of knowledge that others can benefit from? It will take some planning to do, but if you are at home with no work, perhaps this can be a good way to get some income as well - you can ask a small fee or even leave it by donation. This site will help you create the course easily:

Take an online course 

Now its time to learn another language, take on a new skill, or get that online diploma you have been postponing. If you search on the internet, there are many Universities giving free online courses. Check out what free resources the University of Malta and Take Off are offering. And here is another site:

If you just like to browse...

Ok, we know the feeling. You have watched all your series on your to-watch list, bored of Facebook and all you feel like doing is browsing for something that catches your fancy. Here are some of our favourites:

Don't forget to exercise! 

If you are staying all day in the house, it is important to dedicate at least 15 minutes a day for physical exercise. Kids love to move their body making this another way to entertain them. You can find free online videos for almost everything - yoga, zumba, pilates, workouts, or event just dance along to your favourite song (or kids' song). Don't forget to do some stretching before! Here are some useful links: 

Thank you for reading Eco Friendly Malta Blog!

Let me know which of these you will be doing, or are already doing, in the comments.

Until the next post, stay safe xxx

Thursday, 19 March 2020

Turning a negative situation into something beneficial for all!

We had our first Eco Market of the year in March postponed, with possibly April as well. More news will follow soon. We are seeing many other impacted too and know many of our vendors are worried about how this pandemic will impact their business.

We want to help! We will be featuring a vendor regularly on this blog for FREE.
These features will include the delivery services that they are offering in view of the Covid-19 situation, the benefits of the products and how they are environmentally sustainable.

Watch this space!

Meanwhile, we want to share with you a couple of quotes that were never more relevant, to give you food for thought.

Stay safe xxx

Friday, 13 March 2020

A new opporunity

I have been pondering the idea of starting a blog for quite some time and it was one of those things that I always ended up postponing because of lack of time, the necessity to focus on the priorities, the commitment it will require and so on.
As I've witnessed this situation become an epidemic, banning events, closing schools, blocking flights, and since it is safe to say that we can expect a national lockdown any minute now, I realised that this is the perfect time to start the blog.

Welcome to Eco Friendly Malta Blog!

Allow me to start with one of my favourite quotes:

Everything happens for a reason.
Whether you agree or not, it doesn't change things. The Universe works in its own mysterious way. We cannot be arrogant enough to pretend we understand how the Cosmos work. Our little brain is not even capable of comprehending the vastness of the Cosmos, let alone understand how it works. We can only take the clues and make our own conclusions.

My first blog is dedicated NOT to the coronavirus, but to how what is happening right now can lead us to become better, more responsible, more sustainable human beings.

With the current spreading of coronavirus, we can expect that commuting, working and sourcing of food and basic necessities may be disrupted for weeks, if not for months.

This is not the time to panic, but to reflect. While many responsible citizens already confined themselves in their homes, what better time to contemplate on our lives and how to REALLY become the change we want to see?

We cannot just wait for this emergency to be over and go back to our lives as if nothing has ever happened. We must learn from this experience and make effective change.

Can we use this pandemic to do some good and reset daily habits to be more sustainable?
“Every obstacle carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit” (Napoleon Hill)
According to John Beddington, UK’s Chief Scientific Advisor, the world will face a series of unprecedented challenges between 2020 and 2030. He called his research ‘The Perfect Storm’. Besides extreme climate scenarios, he predicts a high increase in population and a higher demand for food, fresh water and energy that will bring about new emergencies.

These will include new and returning deadly diseases and a deep recession in much of the developing world, which will result in failed states, international political tension and 50 million people displaced by conflict, war, water scarcity, food shortages and climate-change related disasters.

Should we be scared? Yes of course we should, climate change is real! But being afraid is not the solution. We need to do something about it before it is too late. We need to become self-dependant as much as possible and we need to focus on these three important topics:

1. Food

Grow your own food. Start with herbs and vegetables that are easy to grow regardless of skill level or age: carrots, green beans, lettuce, cucumber, spinach, tomatoes, radishes and bell peppers. You don't need a garden to grow your own food. You can transform a small yard or a balcony in a small garden or even use window sills. Gardenscapes Gardening Services offers regular short courses about growing your own food at home and how to create compost. Alternatively, start a community garden in your neighbourhood, school or workplace. Join others and grow different things so that you can swap and avoid wastage. Food Swap Malta is a great new initiative on facebook you need to check out.

2. Water

While nearly 70% of the world is coverd by water, only 2.5% of it is fresh. There are many ways to save water. Collect rain water in any possible way you can - during the few days of the year where there's actual rainfall. Wash dishes, clothes and yourselves responsibly and use chemical-free detergents so that you can re-use that water. Install water-saving shower heads. Use the dishwasher and washing machine for full loads only. Turn off the water during teeth-brushing. Check for leaks and fix them immediately. 

3. Energy

To generate electricity, most power plants burn coal, crude oil or other fossil fuels. This is what we must stop doing and instead switch to alternative energy like solar, hydro, wind, biofuel and geothermal. It is an investment that will benefit the planet but your pocket and your health as well. In the meantime, unplug what you are not using, purchase energy-efficient appliances, change your bulbs to energy-savers, insulate your home. 

A last comment to give you some more food for thought: China is the world’s top global carbon emitter contributing almost 30% alone. Do you think that China being the epicentre of this pandemic is a coincidence? Share your thoughts and tell me what you are going to start doing today to become a more sustainable and responsible citizen.