Saturday, 18 April 2020

Vendor Feature Series #19

Today we feature a vendor who is a new comer to the Eco Market community. Mihome started in 2020 by Myriam Gauthier, a young French woman on a mission to create genuine, cruelty-free, natural and eco-friendly products in Malta. She believes that it is possible to take care of the planet whilst taking care of ourselves.

Nowadays, shopping became too easy and convenient. We just go to the store or log on to a website and we can buy what we want with a click. However, buying too much stuff is having a negative impact on the resources of our planet. 

Mihome wants to transform the buying and gifting experience into zero-waste and at an affordable price for everyone. This is reflected in production, packaging and the end product. Each collaborator of Mihome is chosen carefully to ensure they too have the same values in creating a more sustainable future. All Mihome products are vegan and handmade in Malta. They can be purchased as single items or gift boxes. For those who wish to have a personal touch, boxes can be customised to their liking. Recycled paper is used to the packaging and the sourcing of raw materials is done 'close to home' as much as possible to reduce the carbon footprint. 

Currently Mihome is offering candles, soap bars, accessories and wishing cards. Candles are hand poured using essential oils and natural ingredients as well as biodegradable and sustainable soy wax. They last 30 hours and are non-toxic, meaning they last longer than regular candles made with paraffin. All the ingredients of Mihome products are carefully selected for their specific beneficial properties to offer a healthy, quality product. Mihome is planning to introduce many more products in the near future, including a special edition Mother's Day gift box, so be sure to keep following them on their Facebook Page

Monday, 13 April 2020

Vendor Feature Series #18

Welcome back and hope you all had a pleasant and blessed Easter! Today we are featuring a talented artisan, Amanda Attard from Dragonfly Dreams, who makes Eco-friendly productsi in Malta in the form of candles.

Amanda's work is all about the senses. Imagine arriving home after a busy day and all you wish to do is to slow down your mind and seek a relaxing way to wind up the day. That is when Dragonfly Dreams comes in. The best way to create the atmosphere you desire is by lighting up a beautiful scented candle, or two, with your favourite aromas calming body, mind and soul. 

Dragonfly Dream candles are great if you have a special event to celebrate with your loved ones, for instance, Valentine's Day, Christmas, Mother's Day or even a Baby Shower. They can design and create candles purposely for all type of occasions. Their candles are handcrafted with great care and zeal and aimed at bringing a smile to whoever recieves them.

The various unique and original creations are produced locally and can be tailor-made according to the customer's preferences, including design, colour, size and aromas. Depending on the geometry, there is also the possibility to replicate a specific item to make the gift even more meaningful. For more information and to take a glimpse on their previous work, visit Dragonfly Dreams on their Faceobok Page

Thursday, 9 April 2020

Vendor Feature Series #17

Welcome again to our Vendor Feature Series where we present you local businesses that offers sustainable and Eco-friendly products and services. Today we feature an extremely cute brand called 'Chloe's Closet Malta' by Melanie Cremona.

Melanie became a mom for the first time three years ago. Since that moment, like every new mom, she felt a great sense of protection towards her child. Every day, Chloe and her needs came first. She started being concerned about harmful harsh chemicals on the baby's delicate skin and how processed food could make her sick. In a nutshell, she strived to provide her daughter the best possible everything in every sense.

Being fashion conscious herself, she was finding it hard to find that particular style that she imagined for her baby to wear; something that is stylish, simple and comfortable, but above all, clothing that provided peace of mind with regards to safety for the baby. 

After nearly three years of research, Melanie launched 'Chloe's Closet Malta', an organic and affordable line of clothing for kids that tick all the boxes for mothers who want the absolute best for their children. You can see the beautiful collection of 'Chloe's Closet Malta' on their Facebook Page

Wednesday, 8 April 2020

A new LIVE Eco Market Online experience!

Dear Eco Market fans!

As you know, the special Earth Day Eco Market event will not be taking place as planned in Gzira.

Instead, we are turning it into a LIVE ONLINE ECO MARKET!

This is a free event that will take place on Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 April at 10am where on each day we will present you 10 vendors with some of Eco Market's most loved products and services. The vendors will connect from their homes and show you the features of what they sell and share some interesting curiosities with the audience. Let's have fun connect with each other in a new way! 

Since it is a live event, buyers can interact with the vendors, ask them questions, chat privately with them and make their orders. 

Duration 10am-12noon.

The free event will be held on Zoom, so you need to make sure that you have previously installed it on your desktop or phone. Link to download Zoom:


Once you downloaded Zoom you can attend the event by clicking the link we will provide you at the time of the start of the event. You can join with camera, where we can see your face, or without camera, where nobody will be able to see you; you can interact with your audio, or you can remain silent. It's completely up to you! 

Zoom is extremely user friendly and free to download. Do not hold back because of technical concerns - we will guide you accordingly. Feel free to contact us if you need any assistance wth downloading and using Zoom or for clarifications about the Online Event.


Yes! We are giving away a great grand prize on both days - so in total 2 lucky winners joining the online event will recieve a hamper full of products from Eco Market vendors!
Each hamper will have more than 10 gifts and a minimum value of Eur150!


Here are the links to register for the Online Eco Market Live event and save your spot!

Saturday 18 April - 10am
Meeting ID: 165 416 976
Password: 507088

Sunday 19 April - 10am
Meeting ID: 509 572 245
Password: 916095

You can also go on our Facebook page at 10am and follow a link for easy access!

Mark your diaries now!
Sat 18 and Sun 19 April at 10am!

Join us for the first live online Eco Market ever!

Vendor Feature Series #16

Today we are featuring an exceptionally talented local artisan, Renata Dudaite, a Lithuanian-born Maltese resident, founder of RD Enchanting Handicrafts. She creates stylish and practical fashion and decor accessories with authentic quality and exquisite craftsmanship. Let's take a look at her beautiful Eco-friendly products in Malta.

Most of her products are for the home, which for her is a place to rest, relax, learn, spend quality time with family and just be, so it is important to have products that help us maintain a cozy and comfortable home surroundings. She has been creating and crocheting for quite a few years and loves the process of visualising something and then witnessing it turning into reality, practically out of nothing.

RD Enchanting Handicrafts started off by Renata's personal desires to add colours and style to her own house. The detail and attention she puts in her creations is something that can only be found in handmade artisan products. 

The list of items created by RD Enchanting Handicrafts is a long one, but the most popular are: crochet handbags, clothing accessories, rugs, cushions, storage baskets, phone covers, ipads and tablet covers, coasters and toys. You can see their magnificent photos on their Facebook Page

Monday, 6 April 2020

Vendor Feature Series #15

Today our feature presents the beautiful new trend of pre-loved items.So, out with the new, in with the old! Eco-friendly products can easily be of a second hand nature. Why not?

Vogue Exchange is a second hand clothing initiative which encourages adopting a more conscious fashion choice and stands with the Fashion Revolution - a movement demanding change in the rag trade on both social and environmental issues. Second hand is definitely the new vogue and Vogue Exchange are always hunting for interesting, unique items as well as actively building a pretty cool vintage collection. Well-made clothes and natural fabrics are not always easy to come by with the fast fashion being all about quantity not quality so they ensure that their rails always have plenty of cotton, linens, silk and woollen items and “well put together” items made to last!

Community is a VX priority so by regularly having clothes swaps and other events and by keeping prices reasonable they ensure that VX stays inclusive and encourages the local community to participate. Having this ethos makes them work together to keep clothing out of landfill - and have fun in the process! The monthly clothing swaps are a good reason to declutter your wardrobe and then exchange your retired clothes for tokens. The tokens can be used as currency at the swap and you will be sure to find your gem! A percentage of VOGUE XCHANGE sales and all funds raised at VX Clothes Swaps go back into environmental causes such as FAA - Flimkien Ghal Ambjent Ahjar. 

Drop by when the world opens again or come to a swap. If you just want to show some resistance to the toxic fashion industry and support the FAA, clothing, footwear and accessory donations are welcomed. Follow VOGUE XCHANGE on Facebook or Instagram to learn about updates about events and activities.

Thank you for reading the Eco Friendly Malta Blog post today! Have a great day and see you at the next post!

Vendor Feature Series #14

Today you are invited to travel back in time to a concoction of romance and industrial fantasy with Atelier Nineteen - Wearable Art.

Bring the past to the present with a pair of earrings made out of post-war clock parts. Take a piece of history with you as you venture through your own journey. Every creation is made with all the patience and attention to detail, a unique creation deserves - Wearable Art!

Each item is made up either recycled or from sustainably-sourced materials combined with vintage jewellery pieces - making this an extremely Eco-friendly business in Malta. Doing our bit to help the planet by breathing new life to damaged, unused or otherwise unworthy clock parts.

Custom orders are accepted as well. Contact Atelier 19 directly by email or visit their online website shop.

Sunday, 5 April 2020

Vendor Feature Series #13

Happy Sunday from the Eco Market blog! Today is family day so we are going to talk about mommies and babies. The Cloth Nappy Company was founded in July 2019 by Brenda Grech after she started using reusable cloth nappies for her daughter and experienced first hand the many benefits they offer. She wanted to make these products easily available to parents in Malta and raise awareness. Welcome back to the Eco Friendly Malta Blog and get ready for the most innovative Eco-friendly product in Malta.

Modern cloth nappies are made out of natural materials that are softer and more breathable making them perfect for sensitive baby skin. They are also the best option for the environment. Using re-usable cloth nappies saves 24 million disposable nappies in Malta alone! They can be re-used from baby to baby and donated to family and friends whilst remaining perfectly safe and clean to use. Another benefit of cloth nappies is that they save you money in the long term. With only Eur400-Eur500 you are completely set up and sorted till potty training. If you had to buy commercial diapers you would spend well over Eur 1000.  Plus, they are much nicer to look at with lots of cute prints and colours!

Apart from cloth nappies, The Cloth Nappy Company also stocks related products such as re-usable baby wipes, wet bags, re-usable nursing bags and changing mats. Brenda loves meeting and speaking to parents who are already using, or thinking of using cloth nappies. If you have any questions, feel free to contact and she will be happy to explain how easy it is to use re-usable cloth nappies! She has also created a live online workshops that you can watch on their Facebook Page

The Cloth Nappy Company makes free deliveries in Malta for any order size. You can purchase directly from their website - where at the moment they are offering 10% discount on all their products - use the code STAYSAFE at check-out! Products are delivered in bags made out of cassava roots which are fully biodegradable within 3-6 months, making this business the ultimate Eco-friendly and sustainable options for mammas. You can also follow them on Instagram.

Friday, 3 April 2020

Vendor Feature Series #12

Our feature for today is 'Beads for Babies', a unique business that specialises mostly in revamped, recycled, repaired, upcycled and vintage costume jewellery. For these reasons this small enterprise became an Eco-friendly business in Malta. Their raw material consists of any trinket that is re-purposed from something else, perhaps something broken as well as donated pieces and material. 

Beads for Babies operates as a voluntary association where all proceeds go to the Sliema Creche, a centre for orphaned or abandoned children run by the Ursuline Sisters. 

They also make their own brand new novelty pieces. They source beads from charity shops, and accept donations of broken jewellery, like the Wombles, and they make the most out of everything. Sometimes, they receive donations of unsold or damaged stock from retail shops or from individuals who are clearing up their jewellery boxes from old and previously loved pieces. 

Their packaging is made from the same jewellery-makers in the form of pull-string packaging that is also re-cycled from old clothing or fents that they are donated. They also make crochet products and 'Happy Bags' to offer comfort, or as gifts for specific occasions. Orders are posted in Malta for free but one can also make a collection. Find and support 'Beads for Babies' on their Facebook Page

Vendor Feature Series #11

What better way to keep a serene and harmonious ambience at home than by lighting a beautiful scented candle? Even better, let's make it 100% vegan and free of the all nasty chemical stuff! Welcome to our blog Black Cactus Candle Co. Happy to feature your super Eco-friendly products in Malta.

Black CactusCandle Co scented candles are reborn using upcycled wine bottles cut and hand-poured by Welsh hands in Malta. These soya wax candles are fully Eco-friendly and 100% Vegan with no animal products in their production or use. They are also GMO-Free, paraben-free, phthalate-free and no pesticides or herbicides are used at any stage in its cultivation.

The blend used is fragranced with natural essential oils that bring the candles to life. The wicks are wood and cotton threaded with paper which is completely non-toxic.  All Black Cactus packaging is recycled, biodegradable as well as recyclable. They even go further as to use vegan ink for the branding! Customers are encouraged to get creative and re-purpose the original candle vessel.

Black Cactus Candle Co debut is a collection of fragrances include Black Truffle, Ylang Ylang, Bergamot and Blackcurrant, Blueberry and Vanilla, Sage and Sea Salt and Mediterranean Fig. You can purchase the candles on Black Cactus Candle Co website - they offer free delivery all over Malta.  

Enter Code 'reborn20' for a 20% Discount on all candles. 

Thursday, 2 April 2020

Vendor Feature Series #10

Warning: There is a strong possibility that today's feature will get you craving something sweet! Don't worry, you can go for it! Its all about guilt-free pleasures.... We will be featuring the ultimate Eco-friendly product in Malta within the food industry. Vegan, healthy, raw and guilt free food in Malta who absolutely cannot be missing from our Eco Friendly Malta Blog!

Jo’s Delights are dedicated to bring you the magic of raw vegan food in the form of delicious desserts packed with valuable nutrients. All their products are made with genuine, natural ingredients, without the use of preservatives, fillers, stabilizers, refined sugars, artificial colouring and all the junk found in mainstream foods. The preparation area is free from gluten and HACCP compliant.

Jo’s packaging is 100% compostable, deliveries are pooled in order to reduce carbon footprint. Our kitchen is powered by a PV panel system and our water cistern collects rain water for sanitary and cleaning purposes. The detergents in use are eco-friendly and not harmful to marine life.

At this time of year, local traditional Easter related sweets are most popular. Kwarezimal are traditionally a lent dessert, flavoured with Natural Blossom Water Extract. Raw Cross Buns are a raw version of the British classic Hot Cross Buns. Figolli are very popular closer to Easter. Compared to the traditional version, our figolli have a pastry made of nuts and dried fruit, a 100% pure almond filling, a raw cacao topping and to finish off, a cashew icing coloured with superfoods.

We produce an array of delightful Cakes, Treats, Bars and fermented Tree-Nut CheeZes. Also the recently launched Cupcake Collection. Deliveries are free for orders of 10eur and above.

Follow Jo's Delights on their website or Facebook Page, Instagram or by email

Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Vendor Feature Series #9

Another feature, another beautiful product, another sustainable business. Today I am happy to introduce you to 'Heartspace', offering fair tradeand an all-natural organic artisan-made products. Who said Eco-friendly products in Malta aren't beautiful?

Heartspace's main focus lies in healing tools such as smudge sticks, crystals and gemstone jewellery. Their work is a labor of love and service. 

Most of their products originate from exotic countries such as Peru, Ecuador, India and of course Malta. Their mission is to offer quality products that promote a lifestyle of living in harmony with each other and our Earth. Heartspace is also a community-based platform, organising events, workshops and services relating to personal development. 

Follow Heartspace on their Facebook Page

Heartspace: A space to connect and heal