Thursday, 6 May 2021

A sustainable design studio in Gozo

Guest post by Aprille Zammit

I spent summer leaving vanishing footprints in the sand as I scanned the beach for washed-up sea glass. I was on a mission to do my bit to help the environment, utilizing my creativity as my device to do so. When the time came to present my idea to Dr. Jane Goodal at a Roots and Shoots camp in Switzerland that fall, I was extremely nervous. I explained to her, full of youthful enthusiasm, that I was determined to create hundreds of these sea glass ornaments to sell and donate the profit to her cause. Sixteen years later, I still strive to use my creativity for positive change. 

In the current climate, I need to constantly remind myself that every little bit helps in establishing positive change. After spending a couple of years working as a graphic designer in the consumer industry I became complacent and decided it was time for me to branch off and work with clients who share similar motives and the belief that we can all have a positive impact on this world. 

I founded my multidisciplinary studio, Swell StudioAt Swell Studio we take an idea out into the middle of the ocean. We spend time with it. Exist with it. Allow it to grow and form. Have fun riding it before letting it wash onto shore smoothly presenting itself, intentionally created in a unique way, and leaving an impression on whoever's shore it arrives. We believe every person has the power to take ownership of their actions to benefit others and the world as a whole. We strive to use eco-friendly material and produce work consciously. No two waves are the same. We believe making an impression is a must no matter how small the project may be. 

We have created an array of work including logo designs & branding, packaging designs, commissioned artwork, invitation designs, and a variety of printed matter. We also offer photography and screen printing services. We can screen print your design on shirts, different fabric, wood, and paper materials. We take a client's desires from ideation through to fabrication. We strive to work with clients who consider their impact on the environment and the people around them. 

Screen printing is a process I love practicing to output my work and clients' designs. I fell in love with screen printing back when I was attending Virginia Commonwealth University. The ability to physically output my designs and creations by hand felt very satisfying and refreshing in the increasingly digital world. I loved the slight unpredictability the medium presented and getting my hands messy with inks. It was a process I could get lost in for hours, mixing colours and pulling editions, the flow state of creating. The inks I work with are all water-based inks and eco-friendly. I create commissioned artwork using this process as well as editioned pieces. I'm happy to announce that from summer 2021, I will be holding screen printing workshops to share my knowledge and passion about this tactile process of creating. 

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