Tuesday, 25 May 2021

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The term eco-anxiety or eco grief are some of the terms that are becoming more common. Many people are not only becoming more worried about the state of our planet, but are also aware that climate change can affect our physical well-being through pollution, the spread of disease, and food quality. Louisa Tonna, mom of two young boys, acknowledges that this type of worry has been with her for as long as she can remember until she decided to do something about it. 

Louisa founded 'Tears of Green', a blog to inspire mindful and sustainable living, to help her cope with her concerns by focusing on positive news, and at the same time spread awareness. 

Guest blog by Louisa Tonna

Watching David Attenborough's documentary in 2020, 'A Life on Our Planet', was a wake-up call for me to really increase my efforts towards living more sustainably. It opened my eyes to what's to come, a reality which we are already seeing unfold, but perhaps are unconsciously (or consciously) choosing not to see.

I believe that each and every one of us can make a difference, and the more we work together, the better the results will be. Education is key and by learning and increasing our understanding of the risks being posed, the better informed we'll be and can take the right action. We can't just sit still and wait for governments and policymakers to make a change; it has to be a collective effort.

I know that we are running out of time and that much of the damage we've caused is irreparable, but I still have hope that we can slow down climate change and reduce the damage going forward. This is why I created Tears of Green. I use my time to learn as much as I can and communicate these findings to my readers, making changes in my own life as I go along. I am also getting to know some amazing people in the sustainable community and collaborating with them on little projects for change.

Mindfulness forms the core of my principles. Tears of Green explores living mindfully and the way in which it leads to living sustainably. Mindfulness is mainly about being in the present moment, self-care, enhancing our connection with nature, taking in our surroundings, and appreciating what we already have; the world around us, our loved ones, and even our materialistic belongings. It is about living a slower, more conscious life. These things, among others, for the basis of leading a sustainable life. This is why I believe that mindfulness and sustainability go hand in hand. One intrinsically leads to the other. 

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