Monday, 27 September 2021

Go green or go home

Right now brand owners are being faced with one important choice. Go green or go home. 

All recent surveys, studies and researches direct to this one important trend - that today's customers - specifically millenials - do not want to shop for products and services that are harming the planet. Whilst some will see this is as a challenge, it is actually a great opportunity. Brands moving towards sustainability now, will become pioneers of the new normal and have better chances of consolidating their millenial market.

What does it take to make a brand sustainable? This blog post promises to give you some guidance and insights into your action plan.

1. Rewrite your mission statement

Responsible sustainable brands know that the fundamentals on which their business is made of, matter. Therefore start from the mission statement. You don't have to change it completely, but rewrite it or reword it in such a way that it will reflect your commitment to making a positive impact.

2. Define your values

There are so many ways to become more sustainable, that sometimes people get discouraged. Our advice is to focus on one or two things and make them part of your business culture. There is always time for improvement later. 

3. Re-think your packaging

Zero-waste is something that is becoming more and more popular. If you really cannot get rid of your packaging, look into more ecologically friendly alternatives for instance recycled paper, corrugated cardboard or perhaps a return and refill scheme would work for you.

4. Sourcing materials

Being transparent is a focal point that customers will appreciate and learn to come to trust you. For this reason, you need to ensure that your raw material (or ingredients) are derived from a genuine source. Research your sourcing carefully and avoid items tainted with child labor and modern day slavery.

5. Re-design your offer to extend its life

What is the life cycle of your product? What happens to it after the client has done using it? Is it recyclable? Maybe parts of it are recyclable? Can you extend its life and minimize waste? If so, make sure you educate your customers accordingly.

6. Get verified

A recognized international green stamp will help new customers recognize your professionality and commitment in being a sustainable brand. Though the verification process can be expensive at first, the return in the long run could be extremely beneficial.

7. Marketing

So you are a sustainable brand? Do you have a series of actions that make your business more environmentally-friendly than your competitors? Then don't be shy! Advertise - Advertise - Advertise. Get the word out. Consider hiring a marketeer who specialises in communication for sustainable brands.

The benefits for a sustainable business are endless. These include lower production costs, brand image, more loyal customers, and invetable increased profits.

If you'd like to learn more about this subject, we have compiled a very interested quick e-book for you entitled 'Success through Sustainability'. Get a free copy in your inbox today by signing up to our newsletter.

This ebook was purposely written for the small business-owner. It contains further insights and suggestions for a brand to go green, with small and easy steps that you can start performing immediately, and you can read about the multiple benefits in more detail. 

What else can a sustainable brand do to succeed?

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