Sunday, 28 March 2021

How to enjoy a sustainable Easter at home

The pandemic has been with us for over a year now, and as much as we can, we are learning to live with it and try to keep going on with our lives.

Even though we cannot celebrate with all family members, we need to find ways to enjoy and celebrate Easter at home. Let's not let Covid ruin our Easter fun. Here are 5 simple yet enjoyable ideas.

1. Prepare delicious vegan chocolate eggs

I found a great recipe for easy and delicious gluten free dark chocolate eggs from here, or you can always find your own favourite recipe online. Make sure you have a silicone mold to make your eggs in perfect shape! There are tons of yummy fillings to choose from and a limitless way to decorate them. Be creative and have fun with these!

2. The famous Easter-egg hunt

Once you finish making your eggs, wrap them in recycled paper and hide them around the house. If you don't have time or you just can't get yourself to make your own chocolate eggs, purchase them from a local brand. Or, if you are not so keen on all the chocolate your kids will be eating, turn your egg hunt into an organic one! Use pine cones, instead, or create eggs with papier mache, or use fabric, wood, or any other sustainable material.

3. Make beautiful and colourful Easter crafts

Let your imagination run wild or get some inspiration from the internet. There are loads of video tutorials for fun and easy Easter crafts. My personal favourite is this one. Make sure you buy the minimum possible of materials and try to re-use what you find in the house.... toilet paper rolls, food packaging, old paper cups, recycled paper, carton from boxes, re-used ribbons, and so and so forth.

Create your own basket 

Planning on giving out some gifts for Easter? Why not make your own unique basket too? You will love this post showing you different ways for creating up-cycled Easter baskets. Whether it is an old milk carton, a handful of plastic bags, recycled newspaper, fabric scraps, or even an old sweater, you can make this a cool and sustainable Easter activity to do with the family. 

Edu-tainment screentime

A healthy mix between education and entertainment - that is ideally what children (and adults) should get during screen time. Everybody loves cozying it on the sofa while watching a good movie. Here are some inspirational movies to watch with the family during Easter time. 

Happy Easter from us!

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