Wednesday, 7 April 2021

Discover a 'fresh' daily routine for beauty & well-being

RINGANA is a fresh new brand specializing in beauty cosmetics, using the freshest ingredients, vegan principles, and sustainable manufacturing. The ingredients of RINGANA products are organic and fair trade, and everything is produced in their factory in Austria. 

Amongst the range of cosmetics, one can find body wash, cleanser, moisturizer, scrub, overnight creams, body milk, lip balm, soap bar, foot, and hand balms, deodorant, eye serum, anti-age and anti-pollution creams, tooth balm, and tooth oil, sunscreen, after-sun shampoo, conditioner, and they also have a special skincare range for men. 

Most products are available in mini versions, giving you the opportunity to try only a small sample before committing to purchase the regular size product. My favorite items from RINGANA, are the convenient packs, pre-packed with the essentials for traveling, work, or any other occasion, in cute sample sizes and a pretty re-usable zip bag. 

As an eco-friendly brand, it is very important that the packaging is also sustainable. Their bottles, besides being very cute and stylish, are either made of glass or a Co2 neutral sugar cane which is 100% recycled. Once you collect 10 empty glass bottles, you can send them back to the company in exchange of a free product of your choice! Some products come in a cardboard box, which is filled with little chips made of biodegradable cornstarch.

An interesting characteristic of RINGANA products is that they are only purchased online. You won't find RINGANA products in stores, for one simple reason. Store products are required, by law, to last 30 months. That means that the products must include a number of chemicals in order to keep them good for that long. Who knows for how long products sit on a supermarket shelf before you bring them home!

RINGANA, instead, is proud to offer chemical-free products that usually last about to 6 months unopened and 10 weeks once opened. This is a genuine guarantee that when the product reaches you, it is absolutely fresh, manufactured only a few weeks before. 

But RINGANA is not only about cosmetics. They also produce a range of vegan drinks and supplements, always keeping fresh and natural as the main priorities. 

Drinks: ABC (stands for Antiox, Balancing and Cleansing) are a great way to support our daily diet with secondary plant substances from fruit, vegetables, algae, and fiber. There are also anti-stress drinks and natural energy drinks, such as CHI, which can also be used as an ingredient for cookie recipes, for instance. Check out their website for recipe ideas. 

Supplements: You can browse a complete collection of food supplement capsules for well-being depending on your body and lifestyle. You can find CAPS that boosts memory, help with anti-aging, more vitality, and so on. For the athletic customer, RINGANA has a line called SPORT that offers complete solutions to those who keep active and play sports on a regular basis. 

RINGANA is a great example of a green company that's right on trend, providing solutions to health, veganism, naturalness, and sustainability. The Company places a big effort in environmental protection, resource conservation, reducing carbon emissions, and invests in Corporate Social Responsibility, for the benefit of the community and the planet. 

If you are a new customer, RINGANA gives you a 5 euro discount in your cart when completing check-out. Contact us here if you'd like to learn more about RINGANA.

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